Health & Life Sciences

Heliosiss® extraction, purification, amplification, detection, diagnostic kits, DNA oligonucleotides, recombinant enzymes and reactive have been on IVD market since 1998.

MetiSafe®, Biological safety / laminar airflow/chemical fume hood cabinets reached thousands in use at the field.

The products of biological safety, laminar air flower and chemical fume hood cabinets offered by MetiSafe® reached thousands in use in the field.

Portable and ceiling type of hygienic HEPA filtration instruments, field validated clean room and biosafety units reached over hundreds.  When compared to conventional constructionMetisafe has a unique manufacturing concept of facility as an instrument. Factory standardized Isolation, TPN, chemotherapy preparation, application of specific sophisticated laboratories (GMO, PCR, Stem Cell etc.), mobile and BSL-3 laboratory products are protective barriers for personnel, product/ material, and environments. 

Metis Biotechnology’s laboratories are one of the first private contracted molecular research organizations.  From experimental design to in-vivo molecular imaging over 500 genetic, protein analysis and microbial genotyping, over 20 multi-centre studies together with 60 international scientific literature have been accomplished at the Metis molecular research laboratories and published worldwide.