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Metis Biotechnology is a group of engineering-oriented technology companies.

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Cleanroom & Biosafety

Metisafe® is an air dynamics and air filtration expert with its unique designs in protecting personnel, product/material and environment which have critical importance that may be affected by airborne dust, particles, and contamination. The modular designs also cover increased biosafety needs against hazardous biological and toxic substances. With continuing R&D investments and research contributed by, our mechanical engineers and microbiology specialists, Metisafe® has hundreds of facilities in service. In the field of clean air & biosafety, Metisafe®, as a pioneer, takes the lead in developing the latest technology. Metisafe® products have superior features including sustainable service and maintenance guarantee. We also ensure that we provide the best service of air safety of containment, active noise control, and improved ergonomic design. With its vision of reaching a greener environment, the highest energy savings is being applied with updated technologies, renewed standards and changing regulators.
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Molecular Biology

In addition to being the first contracted service organization company in molecular biotechnology, Metis Biotechnology was among the first molecular diagnostic test manufacturers worldwide in the 90s. Those products were gathered under its Heliosis® brand. Continuous advances from the molecular research laboratory, DNA, and Recombinant protein synthesis are accelerating advances in sophisticated Metisafe® and Biocombo® products.

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Biological Composite

It started with biodegradable high-performance brake pads as the first product of Metis Biotechnology's production of biological composites compatible with nature. Metisafe is implementing the developments in biological composite products gathered under the Biocombo® brand with the materials and devices used in aviation and space technology.

Metis engineering has usage areas and applications in different sectors and industries.



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